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Well, you would all know this if things actually worked properly in my little bubble of reality, but alas, that's more rare than not. I set my Dreamwidth account to cross-post to LJ, but despite making multiple posts, not a damn one can be viewed on this journal. I have no idea why.

So, since that's the way its gonna be, I'll just say: I migrated to Dreamwidth! There's fewer people and communities over that way, but you have to expect that with fledgling sites, and its certainly more active. I've been on LJ for many a year, but things over here just seem to get quieter and quieter each day, massive communities suddenly only have 2 or 3 posting members and 90% of my f-list is dead. Tis time to move on where there's life, I s'pose.

I tried cross-posting because I know a few of my active friends don't have an account over there, or post more here than there and I don't want to lose track of anyone, but nothing seems to be cooperating with me. I'll try to see if I can figure out why the cross-posting isn't working. In the meantime, those of you who have a DW account and want to add me, my name over there is saint_corvid. Hope to see you on the other side! x)

Medical fuckery and holiday cards!

So I'm apparently a minor medical anomaly.

My gallbladder did a lot of things for absolutely no reason that confused the hell out of my doctors. The gallbladder wall was thickened more than it honestly should've been capable of, and it had swollen to a size that should've just caused it to rupture. All of this without a single trace of stones, or for that fact any conceivable reason why it happened at all except my body felt like giving me the finger. My liver responded to this in equally nonsensical ways, which is largely why they kept me for so long and practically drained me of blood for tests.

I'm actually kind of glad they weren't completely up-front about all this and just told me they were monitoring enzymes and making sure the infection died down, because basically that explanation would've sounded like, "we have no idea what the fuck is going on with you, we're just hoping the most sensible diagnosis is the right one and this starts to go away."

I've already had 2 follow-up appointments, and next week I have another one, as well as another ultrasound, and they're gonna draw more blood! Woohoo! Once the ultrasound results come back they'll know what procedure they're going to do, what hospital I'm going to, etc.

Also! I have a random assortment of Christmas-y cards. If anyone would like one from me, feel free to leave your address below! Comments are screened, no one else will see them. If anyone would like to trade, just let me know and I'll get you my address too. I will be drawing random things in all of them!

Things you learn while hospitalized

- Dilaudid is a tiny liquid gift from Jesus. It also makes it much harder to move properly and Mythbusters even more entertaining than it normally is.

- Showering one-handed is about as difficult as it sounds(probably slightly easier if your hair isn't 3 feet long)

- You will develop a Pavlovian gag response to even hearing the word "broth" after having to eat it 3 times a day for awhile

- You will become unnervingly comfortable/apathetic about strangers approaching you in your sleep and waking you up to stab you with things.

I was in the hospital from the 18th to the 25th due to a nasty gallbladder infection, which I'm sure would've been much easier to deal with if I wasn't a dumbass. I noticed pain in my right upper abdomen several days beforehand but, as dumbasses do, I ignored it. I finally decided to go to the hospital when it looked like someone lodged a tennis ball beneath my ribs and it hurt to breathe.

Cue a week of having my blood drawn twice a day(add that to the pale skin, circles under eyes and natural fidgety-ness and I look like an undeniable junkie. I don't have enough long-sleeve shirts to deal with this AAAH), being hooked up to an IV 24/7, fun tests like MRIs and having scopes shoved down my throat(due to vomiting blood for no discernible reason. When my body jacks itself up it means business), and a liquid diet. Hospital soup is disturbing. I've been turned off soup for awhile, and if anyone says 'broth' I turn green.

Naturally once I finally got home I wanted to eat ALL THE THINGS... and I can't. Restricted diet that severely limits my fat intake until I have surgery to get this damned thing out in a few weeks. I can't have these foods, or any foods that include these as ingredients:

Beef. Bacon. Anything fried. Eggs. Whole milk. Cheese. Regular yogurt. Avocados(?!). Granola(??!). Nuts. Cream cheese, sour cream, etc. Bagels. Biscuits. Chocolate. Sweets in general- donuts, cookies, etc.
And much more!

The surgery is most likely after Christmas... minor organ failure or not, I'll be damned if I'm not eating some Christmas cookies. Woe be to the person who tries to stop me. Woe, I tell thee! But diet complaints aside, I'm glad this was all that was wrong, and its easily fixed. Its not like I have kidney failure or a heart problem- in the cosmic game of organ fuckery roulette, I'm glad I landed on an optional one! xD

An evening of Stardust

Sometimes Facebook is actually useful- occasionally the ads will mention events happening around the city, which I'm often clueless about. Otherwise I'd have had no idea Neil Gaiman was going to be in town Wednesday, and I would be thoroughly disappointed in myself as a person for missing that.

Neil Gaiman has been one of my favorite authors for years, and a source of great and twisted inspiration. None of his work seems to tire out- you can read it over and over and are still just as interested, even though you probably remember exactly what's going to happen next. He's a master storyteller in a time when those people are rare and stories are dying out.

So of course I jumped at the chance to see him- and I've never really had the chance to walk around Oakland, where the music hall is located, so I figured it'd be a good night all around.

Hipsters and coffee and bookstores, oh myCollapse )

I didn't take any videos of the lecture, but other people had to have, and once they're on youtube I'll have to post a few up... the whole night was entertaining, and some of his answers to peoples' questions were incredibly affirming and inspiring. And you can't be denied that British accent xD So, potentially more soon!

Things overheard at work

I work in the back of a thrift store. Everyone that works there is delightfully bizarre and many interesting conversations and remarks are overheard by me over the course of the day, if I'm not included in the conversations myself. This is the second installment of weird/hilarious things overheard at my job that I've felt inclined to share with the world, and I'm sure at least a few more are coming. xD

"You constantly amaze me, but not always in a good way"

"Someone tried to throw away Jesus. You can't do that! There's a special level of Hell reserved for people who throw away thrift-store Jesuses!"

"Its my wandering titty"

"I've had my brain stolen by wolves"

"I wanna be a taco that poops ice cream!"

"The only reason a lot of people are alive is because its illegal to stab them."

Best donation of the week: A book called "Luscious: Stories of Anal Erotica" xD It was in the same bag with "101 Nights of Grrrreat Sex" and a book about quickies. Someone was busy once upon a time, lol

Tis a festive time

Hope everyone had a good one, and stayed safe from the storms. It doesn't feel like Halloween has come yet because there were no trick or treaters! I keep thinking its Saturday, because that's when it was postponed to due to Sandy. Hopefully my pumpkins will survive one more day- so far they don't look too different from when I took this picture a week ago, and I can't imagine what kind of difference a day could make... *crossing fingers*

Its been a very busy, very colorful few days. Fall is a very festive season for me, with so many cultural celebrations and little holidays. I've always passionately loved Halloween, which may not be a holiday but damn it I treat it like one... and then for those who choose to celebrate them, immediately afterwards there's All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead. All Saints Day usually isn't considered a holiday, but in my kitschy folk-practice region of the world, it holds a great deal of importance- more than just going to church because you have to. For a lot of people in my family, and around the world, the saints are part of the family. Far from being viewed as these unapproachable, dusty figures, they are treated like good friends- you pray to them, talk to them, thank them when what you've asked for is accomplished through their help, and even give them gifts of appreciation. We go to the saints because they understand God and the divine on a higher level than us, and also because of their humanity. In their days on earth they cared very much about the soul and divinity... but they also cared about politics, how the farmers down the road were doing, and whether the baby that was just born is okay. They are relatable and very human, and we love them for it. Some people build small altars on All Saints Day, putting candles, figures and cards of their patron saints on it, decorating with flowers and candles and offering their prayers of thanks to them for all they've done. I did just that yesterday, paying special reverence to the relics I've been given of St. Francis and St. Maria Goretti.

And today is the Day of the Dead... a predominantly Mexican holiday, but a number of Native American tribes have similar customs, and for me the practice is a combination of my own heritage, and a dash of Mexican as well. This is a day many believe our ancestors can return to earth, spend time with their families, and even eat and drink again, enjoying all the pleasures of life for this one day(or for some, a total of 3 days) of the year. Families go to the graveyards to clean up and decorate the graves with flowers, and even have picnics there with their passed-on relatives and ancestors. Families also build altars dedicated to the dead in their homes, full of pictures, favored things of the deceased, things that represented them in life, favorite foods and drinks, and tons of flowers and candles. The candles and pictures help the spirits find their way to their own homes and families, and the rest is just offerings of love- much like you give gifts to family you seldom see. It is a joyful ritual, showing that we've remembered our dead and welcome them back home lovingly- and its also a celebration of their death, and having passed onto a better life. Contradictory as it seems, it is also a celebration of life- by embracing death and our own mortality, we appreciate life more, and in these holidays for the dead, we celebrate the lives of those who have come before us, and welcome them to join us for a night and be reunited with their family for some fun.

I celebrate both these days joyfully, seeing every reason to celebrate the saints and welcome back the spirits of my ancestors and spend time with those who have come before me. I have pictures from last night, and will surely have pictures from tonight as well- be prepared for photo spam. :) I hope everyone's having as good and as festive an autumn season as I am!

13 Horror Stories for Halloween

Halloween is nigh! One of my favorite holidays conveniently located right in my favorite season. Fall- and winter, for that fact- is a perfect horror story season. All the birds are gone, leaving everything silent except for the dead leaves scattering across the ground in the wind. The trees rattle their skeletal arms in the darkness, which comes earlier and earlier, and the cold just sets the mood even more, somehow. Everything about fall is beautiful and intensely creepy.

So, since 'tis the season, and most of us on the east coast are probably going to be trapped at home for the next few days anyway(everyone stay safe, by the way, this looks to be a bad one), I figure I'll keep up my tradition of putting up my top 13 short horror stories. Most of the stories on this list can actually be found for free online, and the ones that can't can be found in awesome compilations that you should seriously check out anyway. So, without further ado...

13 Horror Stories for HalloweenCollapse )

The Strip!

Last weekend I went to an area of my city called the Strip District. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, its not as dirty as it sounds. xD Its a market district with tons of very unique businesses and stores, all of them small and local, but many with a national, if not international reach, which is impressive I think. Its full of color, culture, interesting people and awesome food. I used to work down there, and never got tired of wandering around after I got out, especially on Saturdays when it was at its busiest. So, Saturday is when I ventured down, and I wasn't disappointed!

Wall o' photos ahoy!Collapse )

And that's all! There were so many places I didn't go, or didn't get a chance to photograph this time around... I'm hoping I can get back down there soon and get to the rest of it!

So, I'm bad at this.

I said I was going to improve on this and post something at least once a week... quite awhile ago. I'm going to try again, and maybe actually succeed this time! I will try my best to improve on my commenting as well... I always read my friends page, I just very seldom comment, even if I intend to originally. In other words I'm a terrible virtual friend. xD I'm sorry! Forgive me, my online compadres!

For news, I managed to find a different job! I work in a nearby thrift store now, in the back sorting through, cleaning and hanging linens. Its not always terribly pleasant(some of the stuff I draw out of bags makes me question humanity as a whole), but its a full-time position(yay money!) everyone there is awesome, I don't mind my job, and its 5 minutes away! I am a happy camper.

Something I'm sure will become a regular feature of future posts- some of the more humorous conversations I've been involved in, or have overheard in the past week:

"I'm not sure how good an idea it is to price Jesus."

"I found a Jamaican singing banana!"

(A woman in the clothing section)"We'd get this done faster if we just tag-teamed it. Hey C, have you ever done that?"
"Not the way you mean it."

"Stop playing with the monkey!"

"We're gonna send G to Liberty Avenue in his stripper suit."

Can't always get what you want

Random good news first: The auction for Pe' Sla has been cancelled. The family who owns the land and advertised the auction has decided to end it for unknown reasons. This means Pe' Sla is now up for public sale. Still good news though- the Lakota nation has longer to work on building up enough money to buy the land back now. Hopefully this will all end well!

And now as more good news: I got a job! Yaaay! I was hired at a massage place as a receptionist. The hours are long- 11 hours a day!- but I'm only there 2 or 3 days a week, so it fits as a nice part-time job. Its quiet, the work is easy, and I was told once I learned everything that the guy who was training me wouldn't be there, so I'd be by myself up front. Perfect job for my antisocial self.

But, it seems you can never quite get exactly what you're hoping for... xD I don't mind being around or talking to people, its having to be right by someone all day/night and feel like I have to talk to them that bothers me, because I'm very quiet and tend not to talk to people I don't know well unless they start the conversation. When given the option of being around my fellow employees and chit-chatting for a few minutes here and there, no problem.

The issue here is, all of the employees are older Chinese women who can hardly speak English. I speak absolutely no Chinese, so this poses a problem. If anything ever goes wrong or if a misunderstanding happens, there's no way to fix it- I can't understand them, they can't understand me. I'm also roughly 90% sure that at least a few of them are openly making fun of me. xD When people walk by looking at you, talking to each other and laughing, that's not particularly reassuring. The pointing doesn't help their case either.

So its a very fitting job for me, but it still doesn't work out quite perfectly. I not only don't have to talk to my coworkers, I can't. And I think I'm being mocked in another language. xD And I'm here for 11 hours. But on the bright side- I have a job! Yays! And so far its working out well, so I'm not complaining. It just struck me as funny that nothing works out quite the way you hope it will.

And since I've been a terrible poster, I've made a resolution that I have to post something once a week. I have so many photos and so many other things that could be put up here, but I'm lazy as all hell and just never end up doing it. So now I'm making myself- new rule, I have to post something at least once a week. So hopefully I'll be a little more lively here soon. We shall see... but I have still been reading everyone's posts! I'm just a bad commenter as well as poster. I'm the ultimate lurker! Muahahahaha